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Virtual Conference on Sustainable (Photo)Electrochemical  Energy Devices for Green Fuels Production

An exciting and comprehensive virtual conference on novel materials and energy systems for sustainable green fuel production such as green hydrogen and green methanol (#GFuels2024) in 19th June 2024 organised by Functional Materials and Energy Device group (FMED) at the UCL Institute for Materials Discovery.


The pivotal role of hydrogen and carbon utilization in facilitating the transition toward sustainable and clean energy sources is widely recognized. This virtual conference aims to convene distinguished international experts across various domains related to hydrogen generation, carbon capture and utilization, interface structure exploration, and control and modelling methodologies for accelerating the transition to a Net Zero future. Through this gathering, the conference endeavours to advance the development of state-of-the-art energy technologies in hydrogen generation and carbon utilization, emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches with a focus on electrochemical (EC), photoelectrochemical (PEC), photocatalysis (PC), as well as photovoltaic (PV)-driven P(EC) systems. GFuels will also foster further collaborative research. This initiative brings together a cohort of leading scientists dedicated to investigating the significance and sustainability of the green energy transition, alongside considerations of its societal acceptance, economic, and environmental impacts.


  • Novel energy systems for green Hydrogen production and CO2 reduction to added values chemicals. 

  • Probing, controlling, and modulating interfacial dynamics at electrodes. 

  • Carbon capture, storage and utilisation towards net zero future. 

  • Sustainability analysis of emerging green fuel technologies. 

List of Speaker


The detailed schedule can be downloaded here.

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