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Functional Materials and Energy Devices group (FMED)

The Functional Materials and Energy Devices group (FMED) led by Dr Mojtaba Abdi-Jalebi researches the discovery of novel energy materials and advanced energy devices based on low-temperature processable molecular semiconductors and hybrid organic-inorganic heterostructures between such organic semiconductors and inorganic semiconductors, such as metal halide perovskites, metal oxides and nanoparticles.

Virtual Conference on Sustainable (Photo)Electrochemical  Energy Devices for Green Fuels Production

8 April 2024

An exciting and comprehensive virtual conference on novel materials and energy systems for sustainable green fuel production such as green hydrogen and green methanol (#GFuels2024) in June 2024 organised by Functional Materials and Energy Device group (FMED) at the UCL Institute for Materials Discovery.


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